Hi, it’s Artemis again!

I am a UX Designer with a background in Chemistry and Food Science. My approach to solving user problems is similar to solving puzzles, piecing together user needs and business goals into seamless designs.

My journey here

During college, I discovered my passion for product design, after pursuing a minor in Innovation. This experience sparked my creativity and honed my teamwork skills in transforming ideas into prototypes. I gained expertise in the design thinking process, especially in competitive research and user-centered interviews.

With an entrepreneurial spirit and sustainability mindset, I led impactful initiatives as a Community Outreach Coordinator at FRN, reducing food waste and alleviating hunger. By connecting food businesses, schools, and farms, I facilitated donations to support those in need.

I would love to learn about your ideas and future projects. Connect with me on LinkedIn or shoot me an email.

Fun archive!

Fighting hunger and food waste with the Food Recovery Network and the Free Grocery Store of Gainesville.

My small jewerly business and branding identity

Let’s connect!

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